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Brand: Herma Model: Herma-Glue-Bee
Herma Glue Bee - 15m removable glue. Roll on the dots. Better adhesion. Refills available in permanent or removable. Dispenses a line of glue dots in straight lines or curves...
Ex Tax:£6.99
Brand: Herma Model: Herma-Refill-Perm
Refill of permanent adhesive for Herma Glue Bee. 9mm x 15m...
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: Herma Model: Herma-Refill-Repo
Refill of removable adhesive for Herma Glue Bee. 9mm x 15m..
Ex Tax:£3.50
Brand: JudiKins Model: EP260
2 x 2oz jars of Sticky Stuff Embossing Powder from JudiKins USA. Turns sticky when heated. Then apply gold leaf, gilding flakes, glitter, mica powder..
Ex Tax:£15.98
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