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Joy Crafts Magical Movers Sliders

Joy Crafts Magical Movers Sliders, Oval pieces for Slider CardsApprox 5x9mm20 pcs..


Joy Crafts Magical Movers Spinners

Joy Crafts Magical Movers Spinners, Round pieces for Slider CardsApprox 5mm20 pcs..


Joy Crafts Shoverline Cut Emboss Debossing Stencil

Joy Crafts ShoverlineCut Emboss Deboss stencil / dieApprox 13.5cm long..


Joy Crafts Sliders Circles Cutting Die

Joy Crafts Sliders Circles cutting stencilSmallest circle diameter 2cmLargest circle diameter 5cm&nb..


Joy Crafts Sliders Cutting Die

Joy Crafts Sliders cutting stencilLength approx 8cm..


Joy Crafts Surprise Wheel Cutting Die

Joy Crafts Surprise Wheel cutting stencilSize of wheel approx 8.5cm..